Only one thing is better than a Legend pontoon boat…A Legend Pontoon that has a full enclosure

There are many accessories available for pontoon boats.  Most pontoon owners purchase a mooring cover to protect their pontoon from excess sun and keep it dry.  Aside from the mooring cover, a full enclosure is another option and if your pontoon doesn’t have one, you’re missing out.

A full enclosure is a great feature for water access cottagers

A pontoon is the favored style of boat for the water access cottager.  The real estate space for hauling necessities across to the cottage make it really helpful  Having a full enclosure will also mean that the family and gear will remain dry while they boat to their cottage through rain.  It also means extending the season with the enclosure blocking out the cold fall wind.

When you’re at your cottage, hosting a gathering (post-Covid), this extra space is also a great alternative to offer to guests who are staying the night when the cottage is already crowded.

Glamping on water?  YES!

Is your Legend pontoon a Dual Lounge, SuperFlex or Cottage layout?  Fantastic choice.  These models feature seating that will transform into a large sunbed that can also be used for sleeping.  So, bring on adventure on the Ontario waterways, there’s no rush to get back to your dock if you’ve got a pontoon with a full enclosure.  A pontoon enclosure gives you flexibility to leisurely explore other lakes and the protection from wind/elements so you can stay over at the locks or a transient spot at a marina.  Bring some bedding or a sleeping bag and you’re all set.

Enclosures are available in all current models of Legend Pontoons and we may be able to get an enclosure for a past year model as well.   If you’d like an enclosure for your Legend pontoon, call us for more information at 705-656-4783.