We are early

While the official season does not begin until the May long weekend, but we are able to offer you early use of your slip a full month ahead.  If we have your slip agreement & payment you may use your slip but not before we have both in the office.  Please ensure this is done before bringing your boat here.

A few adjustments needed

Staff have worked hard to re-engage all of the slip docks and do repairs on the slips.  There is still one remaining slip that has a problem finger but otherwise, all slips are now accessible.  The anchors still need adjustment so the path in/out of the slips could be narrower until we are able to correct the anchors.  Winds/very choppy water have prevented us from doing this sooner but anchors will be corrected when weather allows.


The parking area is not back to normal yet, reserved spots are not in effect until the May long weekend and the area in front of the Marina office may not be used for parking yet.  From now until the May long weekend, please park in any spot in the back parking area no matter the name on the sign.  Parking passes should be available by the end of April. At that time it is mandatory that every vehicle have a parking pass with the name visibly on display whether it is a seasonal pass or a daily visitor pass.


If you are launching your boat here, please note the hours of the boat launch are 9-5 tues-sat.  Alternative hours can be arranged with the Marina office.  If you plan to launch a boat, on arrival, please park at the top of the driveway and call or walk down to get clearance to use the launch.  By doing this, you will be helping  us prevent awkward ‘traffic jams’ in the parking lot.  Please ensure you also come to the office for payment of use of the launch.