Who’d have thought…it’s January 1st, and the lake is water and virtually no ice.  Not entirely true, the image in the photo shows the view in early morning.  But while there was some ice in the distance, that big ice chunk has shrunk significantly through the day and has shifted to rest in the direction of the public launch.

No doubt, someone on the lake will remember a January 1st with water, but this is the latest for us.  If there were bets, we might go with January 2nd, temps are supposed to drop overnight so no doubt theres a good chance we will wake up to the lake being covered in ice.

It has been a very busy year and our hopes of a much needed vacation has now been shelved due to Omicron related travel advisories.  The Boat Show as you may have already heard has been cancelled for the second year in a row due to concerns with the Omicron variant.

So while we may not get to travel, boat and powersport sales continue to keep us busy.  Close to 50% of our inventory is already pre-sold, and those boats have not even arrived here yet.   We can’t get more inventory, the manufacturers are sold t production capacity.  So, we’ve said it before, if you are considering a new boat or a Jet Ski – call us NOW.  Don’t wait till the spring.  Many models are already sold out until 2023.  Also, if you have a slip at the marina, please, contact us prior to purchasing.  Whether you purchase from us, another dealer or privately – discussing the specifications with us first is critical.  You don’t want to buy a new boat only to find that we do not have a slip that can accommodate.