Price: $1,499


  • Condition: New vehicle
  • Manufacturer: TurboSwing
  • Model: xxl
  • Year: 2023
  • Stock #: XXL
  • Type: Other




TurboSwing is one way to increase the fun-factor of your outboard powered boat: turn it into a water sports wonder and start pulling inflatables!

​Everyone from kids to teens to adults will enjoy riding behind the boat on a wakeboard, kneeboard, tube, or water skis. But you may have some big problems to grapple with. If your boat wasn’t designed for watersports there may not be anywhere to install a ski pylon. And if there’s a spot for one but the boat didn’t leave the factory equipped for water sports, installing a pylon after the fact may require some serious structural modification. Luckily, now that you’ve discovered the TurboSwing, you’ve found the answer to this problem.

The Turbo Swing pulley system allows for towing multiple riders, as long as you get a separate pulley for each one. Completely constructed of heavy-duty 316 Stainless Steel, the TurboSwing ski tow bar's patented design mounts to the strongest point of your boat for performance and durability.

​Let’s talk performance. The pulley system not only enhances your ability to pull multiple riders, it also improves performance for both the boat and the rider. The rope can swing sideways in either direction improving the rider’s angle and reducing jerks on the tow rope. At the same time the pivot-point is kept aft of the motor, improving the boat’s handling. Plus, the angle of the TurboSwing keeps the tow rope elevated and out of the boat’s wake.

TOW A TUBE FROM A PONTOON? With the right size motor...Absolutely! TurboSwing is perfect for your Pontoon making it more a more versatile choice of boat to broaden it's uses.

Whether you have a runabout, a pontoon boat, a fishing boat, or even a small cruiser, if your boat is powered by virtually any outboard—even twin engines all the way up to 350 horsepower—we have a TurboSwing model that will do the trick.

One of the reasons the TurboSwing is so versatile lies in its basic design. TurboSwing attaches to the transom, which is already the strongest part of the boat. The mounting systems piggybacks on motor mount bolts that are already present in the transom, and all that needs to be added is a pair of stabilizing bolts.

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