Is your Boat trailer roadworthy?  

For many boat owners, their trailer will see minimal movement.  It’s used to pull their boat out of the lake in the fall so their boat can be taken to their local marina for winterizing & storage.  In the spring, they pick it up, launch their boat and then the trailer is tucked away at the back of the property for the summer.

The Condition of Every Trailer Needs to be Checked Periodically

If your trailer is painted, it is more vulnerable to rust, left unattended, rust can eventually lead to structural failure. If your trailer is galvanized, it will have a longer life and maintenance will be minimal.  

Even if the only time you drive your trailer is to deliver your boat for storage in the fall and pick it up in the spring, trailer tires will  typically have a life of five to seven years.  Watch for cracking in the rubber, under inflation, splits along the edge of the tread and if the tread on your tire is worn down or there is damage to the sidewall, it’s time to replace your tires.

Excalibur Trailers

Excalibur Trailers is a Canadian success story.  Based in Ontario, Excalibur builds a quality boat trailer that is galvanized and available in single and double axle sizes.  Excalibur also produces single, double and four unit PWC trailers.

Spring and fall are when owners of boat and pwc trailers usually notice the age and condition of their trailer so there is greater demand.  Don’t wait until your trailer is no longer usable, there could be a delay in delivery if we are sold out, Excalibur trailers are the best value and in high demand.

Anstruther Marina Prices are the Same as the Factory

Do you need a new trailer?  We’ll need to know the boat length as well as the weight (including fuel & motor) .  Call 705-656-4783 for prices and availability.